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A Primer in Costumer Loyalty, Part 1

Customer loyalty is an approach to marketing and brand building in which a company focuses on customer retention rather than (just) customer acquisition. In this primer we look at the ins and outs of customer loyalty and programs.


A Primer in Customer Loyalty, Part 2

How is the concept of customer loyalty developing, what are the trends, and who is doing interesting stuff?



“Switchmode helped put a great deal of focus, structure, and strategy to our central marketing organization which helped the organization work in a systematic manner saving time and endless debate. I would highly recommend to work with Switchmode again”.

— Suzanne McKenna
Global Head of Triumph brand



— Marketing audits and implementation
— Strategic marketing
— Interim marketing leadership
— Marketing recruitment



Switchmode takes its name from the switch-mode power supply. This is a type of power supply that achieves more effective electrical output by optimizing the input, thus minimizing wasted energy. In the same way, Switchmode works with senior leaders to transform their marketing function and approach to be more effective.

Levi’s: Improving marketing results with less budget

“We have to do more for less”.


I had just been promoted to head of digital for the Levi’s brand in Europe and was participating in the annual strategy seminar at the European headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. (more…)

Choose also what not to do

According to this article in Business Week, the essentials of strategy can be summarized as follows: Ditch the To-Do list and start a Not-To-Do list. (more…)

Branding is dead, Long live the brand!

Branding is dead, long live the brand. What do I mean by that?


All companies are building their brand(s) every day, it’s inevitable. But many don’t realize it and have no plan or system for it which can have dire consequences. (more…)

Supporting an executive consulting firm

Switchmode is currently helping a Danish executive consulting firm upgrade their marketing practice. (more…)

Switchmode joins IAA event committee

Switchmode has joined the International Advertising Association‘s Danish Chapter as member of the event committee. (more…)

Will 2013 be ‘the year of the marketer’?

“2013 will be the year of the marketer”, the CMO Council’s new global State of Marketing report declares.  (more…)

What is user-driven innovation – and what is not?

Have you noticed the surge in user-driven innovation? Or rather – the surge in companies and consultancies who say that they do user-driven innovation? 


Well, I have and it’s causing me a great deal of concern. (more…)