Are We Forgetting The Brand, Again?

Is marketing history repeating itself? 20 years ago, I entered my first real digital marketing job as Head of Digital Marketing at Levi’s® Europe. Right at this time, the evolution of digital media and how brands used them was going from one phase to another.   Brand Experience And Innovation In 2000, we were in


A Primer in Costumer Loyalty, Part 1

Customer loyalty is an approach to marketing and brand building in which a company focuses on customer retention rather than (just) customer acquisition. In this primer we look at the ins and outs of customer loyalty and programs.


The rise of the marketing operations director

The complexity of modern marketing means companies are increasingly splitting marketing into operations and strategy, and increasingly they’re looking for marketing operations directors.


A Primer in Customer Loyalty, Part 2

How is the concept of customer loyalty developing, what are the trends, and who is doing interesting stuff?


When marketing strategy is worthless

Imagine the following scenario: it’s the annual brand strategy seminar for a large, multi-national B2C company. The VP of Marketing goes on stage to present the new marketing model.


Marketing’s influence is not the goal, part 2

When marketers complain about the lack of influence at executive level they’re grabbing the wrong end of the stick. 


What does ‘switchmode’ mean?

Switchmode – or switch-mode – is the name of a certain kind of power supply. Why is this power supply interesting?


Marketing’s influence is not the goal

Marketers want more influence within the business, with the ultimate validation being a seat on the board. But is this the wrong goal?


Choose also what not to do

According to this article in Business Week, the essentials of strategy can be summarized as follows: Ditch the To-Do list and start a Not-To-Do list.


Switchmode in the media

Switchmode Consulting and Helene Venge is featured in Business Traveller Denmark, a special interest publication about business traveling. Read the feature here.


Marketing analytics is not important

No, marketing analytics is essential. A new study about the use of marketing analytics referred in Strategy + Business concludes that


From cardboard and crayons to content and convenience

“I know of a pharmaceutical company that only calls in a marketer when it wants to decide on the color for a new pill.” (Philip Kotler).