“Switchmode helped put a great deal of focus, structure, and strategy to our central marketing organization which helped the organization work in a systematic manner saving time and endless debate. I would highly recommend to work with Switchmode again”. — Suzanne McKenna Global Head of Triumph brand


— Interim brand & marketing management — Strategic brand & marketing projects — Marketing process design and facilitation — Marketing training and capabilities building


THE SWITCHMODE NAME Switchmode takes its name from the switch-mode power supply. This is a type of power supply that achieves more effective electrical output by optimizing the input, thus minimizing wasted energy. In the same way, Switchmode works with senior leaders to transform their marketing function and approach to be more effective.


MARKETING EXCELLENCE AND PERFORMANCE Switchmode Consulting helps companies improve and strengthen their marketing practice. I work hands-on with senior brand and marketing leaders to build sustainable marketing performance that increases marketing’s contribution to the business. Marketing may encompass all aspects of brand and marketing management incl digital. FAST-TRACK IMPROVEMENTS WITH SUSTAINED EFFECT Do you wish to