Telenor: Building marketing muscle through structure and accountability

When I was hired as marketing director for Telenor Denmark, the assignment was clear: “Make the marketing more digital and launch the Telenor brand”.

Levi’s: Improving marketing results with less budget

“We have to do more for less”. I had just been promoted to head of digital for the Levi’s® brand in Europe and was participating in the annual strategy seminar at the European headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

Triumph: Improving marketing performance for the long haul in a fast-moving market

It was late one afternoon in February when I received a call from a former Levi’s colleague.

Lego: Focusing the marketing strategy to grow the business

Lego has been at the forefront of user engagement for years but it has not always been plain sailing.

Pia Christensen Furs: Building a niche luxury business through positioning and pricing

“We could use some help to market our brand – we really need to get out there”.