Transmedia communication – one of many techniques

“Calling [the impact of a banner ad] an ‘impression’ is a terrible lie, because it isn’t making an impression on anybody.”


A very fitting quote these days. It comes from Wharton’s excellent publication Knowledge@Wharton, more precisely from an article here called “Transmedia Storytelling, Fan Culture and the Future of Marketing“.


Now, I generally dislike when something is called ‘the future of marketing’ incl transmedia. Partly because whatever is referred to is rarely the future but actually already happening. Partly because nothing is the future of anything, let alone marketing.

The fact is there isn’t one truth about marketing and there isn’t one right way of marketing something, but in fact there’s a lot of different ways. The task is to find out which approach or combination of approaches will work at any given time and situation.


Having said that, the article gives excellent examples of how transmedia can be used intelligently to drive engagement and it is sufficiently humble towards who should be employing the technique and what it can achieve. Worth a read, if nothing else then because of the brilliant quote above!


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