What does ‘switchmode’ mean?

Switchmode – or switch-mode – is the name of a certain kind of power supply. Why is this power supply interesting?


Because a switch-mode power supply is able to achieve more effective electrical output and minimize wasted energy. It’s able to do so because it optimises the electrical input to produce more effective electrical output, more efficiently.


The switch-mode power supply was first used by Apple in 1977 for the Apple II computer and was considered a break-through: Because of its small size, light weight, and high-efficient power conversion it takes up less space, produces less heat, and wastes less energy – while still generating more voltage output.


The switch-mode power supply thus allowed the company to produce not only a very lightweight computer but also, famously, eliminate the fan in the computer. In other words: It allowed Apple to optimise the essential and limit the superfluous to achieve better output.


In the same way, Switchmode Consulting works with senior leaders to strengthen their marketing practice by optimising the input so that the output significantly improves – and ultimately transform their marketing function and approach to be more effective. ‘Switchmode’ is a metaphor for the Switchmode methodology.


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