Free your mind and your assets will follow

Jon Bains has written an insightful and entertaining post on his blog about media-neutral marketing.


Well, actually it’s about looking for inspiration beyond the immediate, un-terming familiar terms, and breaking the habits while retaining the DNA of the brand. He titles it Analog to Digital Conversion and here it is.


Jon co-founded digital creative agency Lateral in the mid 90s and I had the pleasure of working with him and his crew for several years when I was at Levi’s.


The rise of the marketing operations director

The complexity of modern marketing means companies are increasingly splitting marketing into operations and strategy, and increasingly they’re looking for marketing operations directors.


When marketing strategy is worthless

Imagine the following scenario: it’s the annual brand strategy seminar for a large, multi-national B2C company. The VP of Marketing goes on stage to present the new marketing model.


Marketing’s influence is not the goal, part 2

When marketers complain about the lack of influence at executive level they’re grabbing the wrong end of the stick.