Walk the talk

“Advertising is sexy, PR is influential, and design is uplifting; but it’s the substance of what you do that matters most”.

(Nicholas Ind and Majken Schultz in Booz Allen’s Strategy+Business, 26 June 2010).


Organizations, you need to get on board with this if you aren’t already. Branding is about the whole organization and its stakeholders, not the campaigns and the marketing department.


The rise of the marketing operations director

The complexity of modern marketing means companies are increasingly splitting marketing into operations and strategy, and increasingly they’re looking for marketing operations directors.


When marketing strategy is worthless

Imagine the following scenario: it’s the annual brand strategy seminar for a large, multi-national B2C company. The VP of Marketing goes on stage to present the new marketing model.


Marketing’s influence is not the goal, part 2

When marketers complain about the lack of influence at executive level they’re grabbing the wrong end of the stick.