New broadcast communication – the telemegaphone

In a time when marketeers are nervously contemplating how to get their (no doubt very important and life-changing) messages out and furiously chasing their agencies to come up with the next big thing in creative ideas and media planning, the casual and laid-back Norwegians have taken broadcast communication to a whole new level: Telemegaphoning.


What’s a telemegaphone? It’s a loudspeaker sculpture on top of the Norwegian Bergskletten mountain; you call a number, the telemegaphone automatically answers incoming calls and projects the sound into the immediate surroundings – in this case across the fjord and valley. More info here.


Now, I really hope that there are criteria for what kind of messages are OK to howl out into the beautiful Norwegian nature. Birthday greetings seem OK; a McDonald’s promotion not so much.


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