Will 2013 be ‘the year of the marketer’?

“2013 will be the year of the marketer”, the CMO Council’s new global State of Marketing report declares. Increasingly, Marketing’s role will evolve to savvy strategist, customer analyst, and business leader, not simply remain logo police and campaign office, it says.


That’s a super prediction! Albeit somewhat self-serving. Here’s Switchmode’s prediction: Making it a reality will require more than a global report, it will require hard work for most.


Take the temperature on your company’s state of marketing with Switchmode’s speed-audit. Will 2013 be the year of the marketer for your company?


Switchmode in the media

Switchmode Consulting and Helene Venge is featured in Business Traveller Denmark, a special interest publication about business traveling. Read the feature here.


Supporting an executive consulting firm

Switchmode is currently helping a Danish executive consulting firm upgrade their marketing practice.


Switchmode joins IAA event committee

Switchmode has joined the International Advertising Association‘s Danish Chapter as member of the event committee.